Empowering Children To Conquer The Future

We, at Victorum Learning Center are experts in the Early Childhood Education field to ensure the best-in-class care and development of your child.

We not only offer exceptional care for infants but also leave no stone unturned to make a comfortable aesthetic for them with our spacious learning environment and acres of surrounding foliage.

At Victorum Learning Center, we love infants and take care of them through our comprehensive childcare program, rated through Ohio’s Step Up to Quality Program.

Rest assured- the brains behind the top-grade program at Victorum Learning Center are child development professionals.

An Amalgamation of Care & Education

We have designed a top-notch educational program to cater to the developmental needs of infants. Hence, we offer diverse activities, such as picture books, finger-plays, music, and so much more! Our main goal is to meet children & families where they are developmentally and support their growth upward to developmentally appropriate stages.

We meet and exceed all requirements to care and educate infants & employ professionals who’s passion is to assist infants specifically with their development.

Our experienced faculty utilize a customized approach to work with each child individually, and in small and larger group settings.

We maintain outstanding faulty-child ratios to maintain the quality of the program.

We offer a safe and comfortable environment for parents who wish to breastfeed while their child is in our program.

Sensory activities are a vital part of our program to ensure the proper development of children.

We believe in social-emotional growth of children to ensure perfect initial childhood development. Our experts aim at creating an environment to help infants develop at their own pace so that they can reach their fullest potential in the future.

Optimum Care


Strong Safety


Proper Care

QA Sessions

Some Guidelines on Infant Childcare Program

Parents prepare their child/ren’s bottles and bring them each day. Please see the Parent Handbook for guidance on labelling procedures to include your kid’s child’s and date of preparation on the bottle.

Parents or guardians must provide a list of approved foods to keep on file with Victorum Learning Center so that faculty can properly care for your child.

Victorum Learning Center will not introduce new foods to your infant. They must be tried first under the supervision of the parents, then we may feed children approved foods.

Parent’s provide prepared bottles, diapers, wipes, and changes of clothes (many).

Victorum Learning Center includes food within the cost of tuition.

Kids don’t remember what you try to teach them.. They remember what you are
– Jim Henson –