Empowering Children To Conquer The Future

Victorum Learning Center is committed to providing the highest-quality Preschool education to your child. Our Preschool Program utilizes a mix of award-winning, research-based curriculum, The Creative Curriculum© and a genuine approach to structure to assist children to become the active learners that change the World!

Ohio’s Early Learning Content & Standards along with “The Victorum Way,” create best-in-class learning environments and have consistently made Victorum Learning Center stand out from the rest.

We leverage proven practices with cutting-edge programs to exceed the expectations of loved ones enrolled in our Preschool Program.

We, at Victorum Learning Center, believe that preschool education is an essential piece in the building blocks in the foundation of a child’s future. Hence, our teachers design focused lesson plans that feature individualized goals to ensure a systematic approach to education.

Moreover, we at Victorum Learning Center are constantly improving upon our knowledge of Preschool Best Practices through Credential Programs, Professional Development, and Our OWN experiences each and every day. Hence, learning through play and discovery via immersive plans are integral parts of our Preschool Program to ensure an individualized approach to learning for your child.

In addition, our goal is to create an environment learning fun for children so that they gain interest in diverse areas to gradually increase interest in the world around them.

Our Preschool Programs

Victorum Learning Center offers high-quality Preschool Programs for children, families, and simply our community. Our Educators introduce new concepts to students at an individualized pace to ensure the best outcomes for children. That is just a sliver of how we work to support students to assist them in their growth and boost their level of confidence.

Our Educators care for each student with a personalized approach as well. We utilize research-based evaluations, screening tools, and consistent communication to ensure the school to home link is solid. We leave no stone unturned to increase the language, literacy, mathematical, science, and social skills of students. Our goal is to make our Preschool Programs a fun yet insightful experience for children.

Our research-based curriculum guides students and Educators to a solid preparation for Kindergarten as well as future concepts.

Our Educators make use of a dynamic approach to adjust experiences in our Preschool Programs as students continually demonstrate development in critical areas. We harness the power of flexibility and freedom to encourage creativity into our Preschool Students.

In addition, we work with parents and caregivers to design achievable goals into our goal plans, which we use to inform our lesson plans. Yet again, another sliver of how we make Victorum Learning Center a place for comprehensive development for all children.

The Creative Curriculum is developed to exceed the academic requirements for children to help them grow and ensure they are prepared for the next learning phase.

Rest assured! We adhere to all Ohio Early Learning Content & Standards to make Victorum Learning Center the best learning environment for students. Our teaching and guidance ensure the mental, physical, creative, and social & emotional development of each of the students in our care.

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A Few Aspects of our Preschool Learning Program

Victorum Learning Center’s Preschool Program is available for children aged 36 months (3 years old) to 5 years old typically, however we are such a flexible program that we can provide care and educational services for when they are prepared for Kindergarten.

The typical teacher-to-student ratio in our Preschool Program is 1:10 or 2:20. The maximum group size for the Preschool Program is 24.

Our learning centers are arranged to include sensory experiences for our students, so they may experience science and social & emotional development through the use of sensory bins, tables, and full-out water play during the summer!

We enforce a strict Anti-Bullying policy within the Victorum Learning Center environment that extends to every square inch of the facility and property.

Victorum Learning Center is typically open from Monday to Friday from 6:30 am to 6:00 pm, except for most generally recognized Federal Holidays. Feel free to get in touch with us for direct communication with any of our Program Directors, Administrators, Persons in Charge, or even Executives! We’re a family at Victorum Learning Center and we’re thrilled you’ve chosen to read this far into our Program!

Kids don’t remember what you try to teach them.. They remember what you are
– Jim Henson –